Diabetes Tips
November 20, 2015
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People with diabetes need to inspect their feet daily and be vigilant for warning signs of ulcers, including irritation, redness, cracked or dry skin (especially around the heels), or drainage on their socks.

In addition to examing their feet every day and keeping their blood glucose in their target range, diabetic patients should make sure they follow these foot health tips:

1. Discuss diabetes and risks with family.  Diabetes is commonly passed down from parents to children, so make sure to talk to your family about monitoring blood sugar and foot health.

2. Never go barefoot.  Always protect your feet with proper footwear and make sure socks and shoes are comfortable and fit well.

3. Trim toenails straight across, and never cut cuticles.  Seek immediate treatment for ingrown toenails, as they can lead to serious infection.

4. Keep your feet elevated while sitting.

5. Wiggle toes and move your feet and ankles up and down for five-minute sessions throughout the day.

And REMEMBER, regular care from a podiatrist helps reduce amputaion rates.

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