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July 20, 2016
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Avoid a beach blunder this summer by addressing your footwear woes:
  • Wedges and Espadrilles
    PROBLEM: ankle twist or sprain; instability and difficulty walking                                   SOLUTION: try a wider, flatter wedge; look for a rubber sole with good traction
  • Peep-Toe Sandals
    PROBLEM: increased pressure on toes; bunions and hammer toes
    SOLUTION: wear only for short periods of time; use an APMA-accepted insert
  • Flats and Slides
    PROBLEM: arch and heel pain; inadequate cushioning and foot support
    SOLUTION: avoid prolonged wear; try cushioned inserts for shock absorption; select a sole that doesn't twist excessively
  • Platforms and High Heels
    PROBLEM: pain in the ball of the foot and ankle injuries
    SOLUTION: wear lower, more stable heels (less than two inches); use an APMA-accepted insert
  • Gladiator and Strappy Sandals                                                                     PROBLEM: irritation between toes; callus and dead skin build-up around the heels; lack of support and shock absorption
    SOLUTION: select natural materials such as a soft, supple leather; ensure proper fit with no toes or heels hanging off the edge

Remember, foot pain is never normal! If you're experiencing persistent pain, visit today's podiatrist. Podiatrists are uniquely qualied to diagnose and treat conditions of the foot and ankle. Call us at 341-FOOT (3668) or schedule an appointment online at!


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