Which Shoe is Right for YOU?

Tips About Selecting Proper Running Shoes

As part of April's Foot Health Awareness Month, podiatrists work to "Keep America Walking", but we want to keep America running too!  One of the first steps to healthy running is wearing supportive running shoes.  Neglecting to wear proper footwear can lead to a variety of foot problems that can cause injury and impede performance.  Here are some tips for those of you runners.

Feet are generally categorized into three types: low/flat arch, normal arch, and high arch. 

For feet with low arches: Choose a supportive shoe that is designed for stability and motion control.  These shoes help to correct for overpronation.

For feet with normal arches: Choose a shoe with equal amounts of stability and cushioning to help absorb shock.

For feet with high arches: Choose a cushioned running shoe with a softer midsole and more flexibilty.  This will compensate for the poor shock absorption of a high-arched foot.



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